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Immerse yourself and your team in two exciting days of high-impact, globally acclaimed training for trainers. Learn to present A Carrot A Day training workshops in your organisation, or become certified in the specifics of your recognition program.

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Recognition Training

Based on two powerful studies published in the New York Times bestselling book The Carrot Principle

Learn why people may not feel recognised, and discover what type of recognition works in your culture. Intensive, interactive exercises help managers master the skills needed to integrate on-the-spot and formal recognition into your daily relations. Our dynamic leadership coaches help managers to:

  • Discover successful methods for using recognition to build a positive work environment
  • Make recognition second nature

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“Many of our leaders did not realize the power of appreciation until they completed the training and understood the research and the results. I would strongly endorse these training programs to any organisation looking to improve their culture of recognition.” —Don Stuckey, Director, Talent Management, Baptist Health Systems, Inc. Birmingham, Alabama.


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